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Picture Perfection | Photography for Dating Profiles

Although it’s true that one’s character should matter more to a potential partner than their looks, your character isn’t the first thing they see when we show them your picture. At Luxury Matchmaking Services, it’s our belief that there’s a special someone out there for everyone, and the best way to help us expedite the process of finding that someone for you is to have a top-of-the-line picture for us to use. Let the conversations and interaction on your dates tell them about who you are; the point of a great photograph of yourself is to show them you at your best. This helps to spark some excitement and attraction from the start, so there’s even more anticipation leading up to a date with you.   In order to maintain our high standards, LMS requires a professional photograph to be submitted with each application. LMS works with only the best photographers, ensuring only the best quality. Contact the photographers below to schedule an appointment and be sure to mention Luxury Matchmaking Services for special pricing and promotions. VIP Diamond Database members receive concierge and photography services as a complementary benefit included in their package.   Contact a customer service representative at to sign up for a LMS membership, or to find out more about the services we and our network of partners have to offer.


A high-quality, professional picture can make all the difference when you’re being introduced to a prospective date. Great photographers, like those partnered with Luxury Matchmaking Services, know that a picture of someone should show them at their best, and know just how to get the shot that will capture your natural good looks. As a LMS member, you can take advantage of our partnerships to have a professional photographer set you up with the best profile picture in town.


Before you get your picture taken, it might be a good idea to check in with our partnered stylists and professional makeup artists. Per a VIP member’s request, we will contact some of the best fashion advisors and makeup artists in the state to get you looking your best. As another optional feature of our VIP memberships, we will arrange meetings with an allied personal trainer and set up a monthly diet plan to help you get your body where you want it to be. To attract a specific type of person, you need to look and feel the part. Some of our clients have included celebrities, as well as high-end sports figures, politicians and world leaders. If actors and former presidents can benefit, so can you. Now, through LMS, their elite services are available to you, too! You’ll be the date everyone wants sitting across from them.