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Luxury Matchmaking Services uses fortune 500 methodologies to conduct searches for singles that display class. We have some of the most impressive, high-cultured, brilliant and beautiful singles in the nation. We cater to busy professionals, celebrities, best selling authors, CEO’s, executives, doctors, lawyers, engineers, top scientist, world recognized influencers, keynote speakers, youtube stars, actors and actresses, singers or models, etc.


Our professional matchmakers recognize that people are dynamic and their qualities extend beyond a written profile; thus we take time to consider all aspects of your life before suggesting potential matches.We want to know exactly who our clients will be dating, with no surprises. We aim to suggest only introductions who display the best opportunities for long term healthy relationships. Let us do all of the work and you can spend all of your time falling in love. Time is so valuable and we can not get it back. This is why our members outsource their love lives to the professionals.

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Explore your past and work with our professional matchmaking team to create a future that you desire. To fully experience the benefits of love we need to work together to find an abundance of possibilities.

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Luxury Matchmaking Services’s intuition was spot on. I am blown away by the fact that the first person she matched me up with is an amazing, kind, sensitive, beautiful woman with whom I am developing a wonderful relationship. My matchmaker told me this is not unusual for her—she says it often happens that way.

Pretty and very accomplished for 34, wow, writes for Forbes magazine as well. Very impressive lady and exactly my taste. You know what you are doing!

After our first date, which was amazing, we ended up meeting another five times over three weeks. We saw each other every chance we got. As a husband, David is loving, passionate, and supportive. He helps me achieve my dreams, and I help him achieve his. Luxury Matchmaking Services helped me find the love of my life, and I think they could do the same for anyone.

Great match. Thank you so much. He was saying he wanted to “fly me places” and see me again. We shall see … honestly I would love to see him again. He is a kind soul and exactly the sweet little mess I could deal with.