A Great Place to Do Great Work

“It is the passion, drive, intelligence, and integrity of our dedicated employees that make Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC a great place to do amazing work.”

Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC is recognized as a great place to work around the world, but mostly in California. Our diverse team of passionate, dedicated, and talented individuals go above and beyond for our customers, our communities, and each other—every day.

Employees join Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC because of our innovation and compassion, and stay because of our culture. Every day brings exciting challenges in an ever-evolving industry. We believe in creating an environment where everyone is empowered to do their best work, surrounded by an incredible and supportive team.

One Luxury Matchmaking Services–One Team

At Luxury Matchmaking Services, our core values are more than just words, they are the way we work, laugh, debate, care, question, and innovate together. We are One Luxury Matchmaking Services—One Team.

For over 5 years, our values have defined our culture. As our customers evolve, our challenge is to stay one step ahead of their advanced lifestyles. Our values of thinking big, executing with excellence, embracing change, and always acting with integrity, motivate us to solve tomorrow’s matching and relationship challenges today. With customer success at our core, we deliver services that become their competitive advantage, driving the future of the matchmaking and dating experience.

Customers or VIP Members: Their Success Is Our Success

Customers are at the heart of everything we do—they are our passion and our pride.

Innovation: Think Big

We work at Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC to make a difference—to influence the future of how people connect. We encourage each other to think big, take risks, and make an impact.

Quality: Execute with Excellence

We are focused, disciplined, and continuously strive for exceptional results.

Agility: Move Quickly

We embrace change. We are decisive and move quickly to keep pace with our VIP Members and outpace the competition.

Integrity: Be Accountable

We hold ourselves accountable to do what is right and to deliver on our commitments.
We are authentic and trustworthy.

One Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC—One Team

Our people are our greatest asset.
If we respect one another and work together, we are unstoppable.

And We’re Fun, Too!

Diversity and Inclusion at Luxury Matchmaking Services

We have a One Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC – One Team culture that embraces the diversity of our teams and the inclusion of their ideas and solutions to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Our collaborative and inclusive culture enables us to not only drive innovation in the services that we develop, but also in the way we approach challenges and make decisions.

Innovation starts with our diverse and dynamic employees around the globe who leverage diverse perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds to solve complex technical challenges, enabling customers to build technologies that transform lives.

Jennifer Warner, Director of Matchmaking

At Luxury Matchmaking Services, diversity means all of the ways we differ – including visible differences such as age, gender, and ethnicity, as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and education.

Inclusion means creating a culture where differences are valued, where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and talents consistent with our Mission, Vision, and Values.

The aim is to create an environment at Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC where everyone feels engaged, respected, and empowered to make a difference. Fostering an inclusive, high-trust, and high-performance culture enables us to leverage the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives to create business value and customer success.