Decades of professional dating services has fine-tuned our approach to bringing classy singles together.

Our Process


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The first step in our personalized matchmaking process is the initial interview. This allows you to get to know us, and also gives us the chance to answer all of your questions about our proven professional matchmaking program.  In addition, it allows us to review the information you provide to confirm that you meet the standards of the types of clients that we are looking for.



Any potential singles who are chosen as your match undergo an in-depth screening process. This includes a background check and a personal interview to make sure we are introducing you to your best possible match. Once we feel confident about a potential match, you will be presented with a comprehensive profile that contains photos and pertinent information so you can decide if you would like us to make the introduction. So not only are the individuals that we recruit of the highest quality possible, you remain in control of who and how you date.


Once you have approved a match, Luxury Matchmaking Services prepares your first date reservations at select restaurants and other venues of your preference. Let us do all the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on finding love. This is where all the initial work pays off. You get to meet the finalists of our comprehensive search for your perfect match. At this point, your matchmaker with work closely with our concierge services to select a venue, and make reservations. Your matchmaker will also provide pre- and post-date coaching or advice, to ensure that you have a positive experience, and help you to decide if you would like to pursue a relationship with a particular individual.


After each meet and greet with your new match; we want to hear all about what went well on your date, and what could have gone better. As a result, this helps us to fine-tune our search so we can bring you closer to your loving partner. There are many benefits of having a professional matchmaker assisting with your dating. Most of all, you don’t have to wonder what the other person thought of your experience together because we collect feedback from both you and your date. Oftentimes, after a successful match, clients will decide to freeze or hold their membership to advance the relationship further with their match. At this point, we would hope that your membership stays frozen, because that means you really enjoyed who we found for you. At Luxury Matchmaking Services, LLC, our goal is invariably to give you the happiness, security, and intimate partnership that comes from a long-term relationship with your perfect match, companion, or soulmate.

Luxury Matchmaking Services is our innovative matching process for introducing successful, relationship-minded single men to exceptional single women around the world. We customize each client’s recruiting efforts and program based on their match preferences, creating a personalized, custom dating experience of the highest caliber.