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Whether you want help with Finding, Meeting, or Matching with quality women, Luxury Matchmaking Services has you covered.

Your Personal Life. Your Way.

No Filling Out Online Profiles

  • Gain complete control over the your love life.
  • Decide who you want to spend time with.
  • Get access to some of the best looking women in the nation.
  • Customize your program with VIP Services that you want.
  • Enjoy the luxury of joining a private program.

What Type Of Women Are In The Diamond Database?

A Professional Single’s Dream

LMS spends considerable time and expenses recruiting the most desirable singles throughout the United States. The women who are ultimately selected to join our service are of the highest caliber. Our high-quality women are not the typical quality you would find at a bar or through an application on your phone. They are beautiful, professional, commitment-minded women who, like our eligible gentlemen, know what they’re looking for.Our members are comprised of fashion models, celebrities, doctors, news anchors, attorneys and entrepreneurs etc. Never compromising the quality of our database. New singles are added to the database daily by our team of recruiters, and you never know when we’ll come across the one for you. We like to think we are the best executive matchmakers in the industry. Already a member? Login

Why Would I Consider This?

Guaranteed Introductions

We deliver what we promise. We have a variety of programs available and you set the tone for how many women you plan to meet through our program. Complimentary memberships do not have a guarantee.

Pre-Date Compatibility Screening

These women are hand selected, pre-screened, background checked and interviewed on your behalf.

Confidential Memberships

Privacy is very important. Your profile is only visible to our professional matchmakers. We only share your profile with approved matches


Everything in One Place.

We want to do everything we can to assist you in becoming irresistible to your future lover while attracting the right type of partner for your long term happiness.

VIP Memberships Include

Customized Personal Search

We interview over the phone and face to face potential matches to uncover their unique qualities and to verify your unique requests.

Match Recruiters

Our team of match recruiters work specifically for you searching for singles who fit your criteria

Convenient Match Approval Process

We email your potential matches profile with photos for your review – mobile friendly

Relationship Coaching

We will help you secure a healthy long lasting relationship.


Look and feel your best with hand-selected fashion for your style & budget.

Profile Photoshoot

An eye catching profile dramatically increases your chances for success

Meet Your Matchmaker Face to Face

Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts — We want to see you live

Concierge Services

Restaurant and event planning for your first dates

Decades of professional dating services has fine-tuned our approach to bringing classy singles together.

Our Process

Schedule A Consultation



This allows you to get to know us, and also gives us the chance to answer all of your questions about our proven professional matchmaking program. 



You will be presented with a comprehensive profile that contains photos and pertinent information so you can decide if you would like us to make the introduction. 


Luxury Matchmaking Services prepares your first date reservations and works closely with our concierge services to select a venue, and make reservations. 


We want to hear all about what went well on your date, and what could have gone better. As a result, this helps us to fine-tune our search so we can bring you closer to your loving partner. 

Luxury Matchmaking Services is our innovative matching process for introducing successful, relationship-minded single men to exceptional single women around the world. We customize each client’s recruiting efforts and program based on their match preferences, creating a personalized, custom dating experience of the highest caliber.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Boutique Style Firm

Get one on one attention every week

Unlike most online dating sites, Luxury Matchmaking Services is a boutique firm, meaning that we only take on a certain number of clients each year. Our professional matchmaking team will work closely with each Diamond Database member, ensuring a highly-personalized experience.

Our Matchmaking Network

Meet singles who have joined other high-end programs

Through the Platinum Standard Matchmaking Network; we partner with other matchmakers to expand our database to not only the singles we’ve recruited, but to those individuals recruited by other matchmakers as well. By tapping into our exclusive Platinum Standard Matchmaking Network, our match recruiters are able to expand their search to the databases of other leading matchmakers in the US. That way, if we don’t have the perfect match for you in our own database, we can reach out to our network of allied matchmakers with your specific criteria.Then, they can scour their own databases for just the right dates for you. We utilize every avenue possible to help our members fulfill their goals and dreams, and we promise to leave no stone unturned in that effort. As part of our program, we have available to our VIP members the largest network of singles in the love industry.  No other boutique matchmaking firm has this capability, and gives our members the highest chance of finding true love.

Our Match Recruiters

We Will Find Your Partner

As a VIP client of Luxury Matchmaking Services, you will have recruiters and headhunters working around the clock on your search. They are prepared with your criteria, and will utilize all avenues available to them in the search for your perfect match.  

Recruiters only have access to your basic information, as the privacy of our members is of the highest level of importance. Similar to executive headhunters, they are trained based on proven and successful executive recruitment tactics used by top Fortune 500 companies to attract the world’s most sought after talent. For our purposes, these headhunters are instead looking for the most attractive, exceptional single men and women in the United States. Learn how to become a Match Recruiter or Appointment Setter

By casting such a wide net, and with so many allied partners helping us along the way, we are able to accommodate the requirements of our selective VIP clientele at a 95% success rate, which we proudly maintain year after year.

 Get straight to living Your Life

Let us handle the rest

When we say it’s never been easier to find, meet and match with quality women, we mean it. Luxury Matchmaking Services handles everything from optimizing your profile to attract women, to scheduling your first date. Now you can focus on your career and leave your love life to us.

You’re on the right path to meeting breathtaking, high-caliber women through our Diamond Database.

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