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We’ve partnered with the top dating companies and leading Matchmakers in the country, to give you access to high quality, personalized, professional matchmaking.

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Meet Your Team of Love Specialists & Matchmakers

As part of your VIP Diamond Database membership package, you will be assigned a small team of matchmakers that best fit your personality type and needs. Throughout your time with Luxury Matchmaking Services, these are the individuals who you will interact with the most. Our matchmakers have years of experience in dating and relationship coaching, and each one has found the perfect match for dozens of our past members.

Your assigned matchmakers will be your personal confidants, advisors, business partners, and–we hope–friends. We strive for all of our members to have an overwhelmingly positive experience, so we only enlist the best matchmakers in the country. They will provide pre- and post-date coaching, so that you go into your dates feeling confident, ready, and informed. Our matchmakers aren’t shy; they know what it’s going to take for you to be successful in a relationship. They will always be upfront and honest with you about what steps need to be taken to ensure the best possible outcome from every date. These are business professionals who are passionate about finding our members long-term relationships, and helping them to have a fulfilling, meaningful love life.

We implore you to be honest with yourself and your matchmakers for the most positive results. This experience is about more than just going out on dates; our goal is to help turn you into the best possible version of yourself. We want you to reach your fullest potential, so that you can be the date everyone wants sitting across from them. Let our matchmakers into your world, and–with a little coach-ability and honesty from you–we can change it for the better, and find you the love of your life in the process.

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