Letting You Focus on Love


We work–and have worked for a long time–with men and women of a higher caliber. We understand how hard it can be to have a full schedule, where your career and personal life are constantly at war for your attention, and where time to find love is scarce. But this is exactly the reason you enlisted our services: it’s our job to do the heavy lifting for you.


Partnered with us are several concierge services to help us find you the best date venues, transportation services, ticket scouts, and event planners in the state. If you want love in your life, but just don’t have the time to call around asking for availability, looking up online reviews, and making reservations, utilize our concierge services–free for VIP Diamond Database members–and just focus on having fun, and finding love.


While it can be nice to plan your own dates–as dates are meant to be a reflection of yourself, and how you romance a potential partner–don’t feel bad for not having the time. Success is time-consuming, and having a partner who shares a similar schedule and ideals allows you to ease one another’s burdens; they understand, because they were placed in your life based on pure, honest compatibility.


This is the kind of love we want for all of our clients: a true partnership. Someone who strives to make you and your existence better, and who you gladly do the same for in return. So, let go of the idea that finding love will be difficult; if you can be humble and honest with yourself, and by working side-by-side with our team of professionals, you may discover that love will find you sooner than you think.


Contact a customer service representative at support@luxurymatchmakingservices.com to sign up for a LMS membership, or to find out more about the services we and our network of partners have to offer.